Excel Equity works with qualified investors to help them create wealth 
passively through strategic real estate investments. 
Market rate value-add multifamily assets, 100 units minimum located in A, B and C suburban and metropolitan areas. 

We prefer assets built after 1970 to avoid common construction inefficiencies found in older assets. 

Our target is long term growth and emerging markets in order to achieve maximum stability and long term rental and value appreciation.
Target Markets
Our current target markets are:
    - Arizona - Tucson and Phoenix Metro
    - Nevada - Las Vegas
    - Idaho - Boise
    - Texas - Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio
If you are a seller or a broker and have a property that fits our criteria please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will connect as soon as possible.
CORE Philosophy
Our core philosophy is to enable qualified investors to create long term wealth passively through strategic real estate investments. Our team of experienced real estate professionals identifies stabilized and value-add real estate assets that will provide strong financial returns, a healthy risk profile, and many additional benefits that come along with strategic real estate investing. 
Investments are available to qualified or accredited investors as defined by the SEC.
Meet The Team
Nate Smith
TEL: 424.248.7055
Bethany Smith
Owner - Director of Acquisitions
TEL: 805.889.0479
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